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  • Work, work, work, play and repeat. #bmws1000r

  • Can I drive it⁉️ #ithinkimmoreexcited #socomfortable #itsabouttobe3carseats #2018hondaodyssey

  • Bench was today. 315x3x4 followed up with an AMRAP set with 275 lbs.

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  • ✅ GIVEAWAY TIME ✅ 2 winners will receive a 12 pack of @proteincookieco TO ENTER: ✅ Follow @theproteincookieco ✅ Smash the ❤️ button. ✅ Comment your most favorite memorable Xmas present you have received. ✅ Tag 3 friends. I’ll announce the winners on Thursday so be sure to turn on my notifications

  • ✅ The SECRET TO GETTING ABS ✅ There is no tricks or shortcuts. It requires a caloric deficit, time, consistency and some sacrifice. Don’t over complicate it. Tag a friend who wants abs.

  • Beauty and happiness is all perspective. #gratitude #thesmallerthingsinlife What’s something simple that brings you happiness❓

  • Anything for the sumo. #mobilitymatters #openingthehips #theonlythingnotnattyaboutmeismypaintolerance

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  • Now it’s getting fun. 532x3x2 @simonmassthetics #simonsays600 #postedthewrongvideo

  • Don’t get too consumed with life that you forget about the smaller simple things that bring you happiness. #thatsunset #thatsart

  • Sunday vibes. @tankst3r

  • Saturday vibes ️ #bmws1000r

  • Don’t get it twisted #flexfriday #stayflexing

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  • The HUNNIES #allthewayupandallthewaydown

  • Friday night stack Shoulders and traps for me tonight. What are you guys training?

  • Speed was aight today. 467.5 lbs for a 3x3. #600iscoming #simonsays600 @simonmassthetics @garrettmassthetics

  • Client @cliff_jones 9 days out to his first physique comp. Slow and steady contest prep Started 5/21 at 173 lbs and now 150 lbs. Not even in his final form Peak week coming!! Hang in there Cliff If you want to apply for my coaching click the link in my bio.

  • When you grinding out a rep so hard you let out a toot. Turn up the volume @cameronblas

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  • ✅ How wide should your sumo stance be⁉️✅ First off everyone’s biomechanics will be different based on numerous factors so there is not an end all be all stance. But there is a general guideline/rule of thumb that I like to teach someone “new” to the sumo deadlift. I highly suggest to start with this stance and as your mobility and technique improve you can gradually go wider, if your goal is to move maximum weight. Keep in mind if your body isn’t built to go super wide than it might be a disadvantage for you. People with longer femurs and next level hip mobility would benefit from a wider stance. It will drastically decrease the range of motion but for some it may decrease leverage. Not stacked, ankles are inside of the knees. Making it more like a wide stance conventional. Range of motion is increased and leverage is not optimal. Stacked, knees are over ankles minimizing range of motion and leverage is optimized. I have played with different stances over the years and for me a medium width stance is best for my biomechanics. I have shorter femurs and my hips don’t open wide enough. I hope this helps Tag a friend.

  • Trying to get thick #backtoabrosplit #ryanwiththeepicphotobomb