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  • I ❤️ this bike. @tankst3r

  • Saturday vibes ️

  • Mission accomplished I can’t bend my knees and I’m walking like a new born giraffe.

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  • Don’t celebrate too early keep grinding. I can’t remember the last time I was bored. There is always something to do. If you want success you need to be constantly planting seeds.

  • Last time I competed back in 2015. #flexfriday #flashbackfriday

  • You guys asked for it. BFC2 (Big F*cking Chest 2x Per Week) is now available, click the link in my bio. #bfc2

  • Do you not feel your shoulders working when doing DB lateral raises❓ Try out this shoulder lateral raise variation. Choose a weight that you can control going up and down. Slow down your tempo and drive with your elbows. Go for 12-15 reps 3-4 sets. Your pump should be nasty AF. Let me know how you like it, tag me in your videos and I’ll post you guys up on my story. Tag a friend that would like this exercise ⬇️

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  • If you want to grow you can’t be afraid of getting a little THICC. Time to turn it on even more on this bulk. I’m going to bring back out the bodybuilder in me for a minute. Who’s chasing them gains right now❓#gainsthatcantfitinthesquare

  • ✅ My Staple Chest Builders ✅ Keep it stupid simple. Choose 2-3 chest exercises, stick with them and get good at them over time. Add weight and reps when you can. For everyone that copped my BFA2 arm program and are enjoying it, BFC2 (Big F*cking Chest 2x Per Week) will be available tonight. Click the link in my bio.

  • Strive to be great at whatever you do. Master your craft. #crushaverage

  • My plain and simple advice for Tennis Elbow I’m not a doctor or a health expert but I have had a ton of off and on tennis elbow during my years of training. This is what I’ve found to be the best way to get rid of it. Hope this helps change your thought process about injuries and aches. @arwdubs18

  • 520 for ✌s today.

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  • Keep it stupid simple. There are no magical gains 🦄 Throw that BS anabolic window out the window. Having a protein shake directly post workout makes very minimal difference overall. Cop yourself some of the best tasting whey out there by @ghostlifestyle use “theonlinecoach” for 20% off. TAG some buddies who live by the anabolic window ⬇️

  • Lock It Down. @lockdowngrip

  • 6 years apart here. This sh*t takes time. You get what you put in, it’s simple. Focus less on your results and just grind. In no time you will look back at the old you and say wow I’ve come a long ass way. #transformationtuesday

  • Unmatched quality and durability. Give @lockdowngrip a follow.

  • Went Hawaiian today.

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  • Practice makes perfect. 315x4x8 from the other day. My main cues these days with the sumo are to get more behind the bar and to spread the floor with my feet. Both of those cues are done before initiating my pull. That helps me get into the most efficient starting position for the lift. There are tons of mental cues out there and I always recommend trying them all and finding what sticks the most for you.

  • Why is it important to touch your chest with the bar when you bench❓ @clintleira Full range of motion is an important factor for me. I understand the whole time under tension reasoning, I get it. But if you’re only going half way then your cutting yourself short. If you touch your chest, don’t fully let go and rest the bar on your chest you will still have TUT and full ROM. So why not get both done. Tag some half repping buddies ⬇️