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  • Taxidermy squirrel hat worn by the eccentric Victorian actress Lydia Thompson, 1870s . . . #taxidermy #vintagetaxidermy #squirrel #vintagestyle #victorianfashion #crazyhat #hookah #oldpic #picoftheday #actress life #actress #weirdfashion

  • . . . Suspended man having a plaster body cast applied, c1900. . . . #histmed #vintagemedical #1900s #suspension #orthopedics #spinal #bodycast

  • Sylvia, a girl born with albinism, a lack of pigment in a person’s skin, hair, and eyes. . I researched her a bit; She was born in late 1885 and died in 1967. This photo was probably taken right after she got married - maybe even during her honeymoon - in 1912. . . . #portrait #albino #1900s #profile #vintagefashion #sepia #whitehair #vintagephotography

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  • Twas in the middle of the night, To sleep young William tried, When Mary's ghost came stealing in, And stood at his bedside. O William dear! O William dear! My rest eternal ceases; Alas! my everlasting peace Is broken into pieces. I thought the last of all my cares Would end with my last minute; But though I went to my long home, I didn't stay long in it. The body-snatchers they have come, And made a snatch at me; It's very hard them kind of men Won't let a body be! You thought that I was buried deep, Quite decent-like and chary, But from her grave in Mary-bone, They've come and boned your Mary. The arm that used to take your arm Is took to Dr. Vyse; And both my legs are gone to walk The hospital at Guy's. I vowed that you should have my hand, But fate gives us denial; You'll find it there, at Dr. Bell's, In spirits and a phial. As for my feet, the little feet You used to call so pretty, There's one, I know, in Bedford Row, The t'other's in the City. I can't tell where my head is gone, But Doctor Carpue can; As for my trunk, it's all packed up To go by Pickford's van. I wish you'd go to Mr. P. And save me such a ride; I don't half like the outside place, They've took for my inside. The cock it crows - I must be gone! My William, we must part! But I'll be yours in death, altho' Sir Astley has my heart. Don't go to weep upon my grave, And think that there I be; They haven't left an atom there Of my anatomie. ~ “Mary’s Ghost”, by Thomas Hood, 1828 . . #thanatosarchive #histmed #keepsmiling #morgue #autopsy #burkeandhare #macabre #corpse #vintagemedical #bodysnatcher #cadaver #happyvalentinesday

  • ... 1930s snapshot. Think he made it?

  • ・・・ With the blood pouring from the awful, gaping wound in torrents, the woman staggered out of the room through the little sitting room and into the kitchen. In the kitchen was a little bureau with a looking glass attached, and standing in front of this the woman was heard to say in sobbing and agonized whispers, "I'm going to die, I'm going to die..." Photo: 1908 murder scene - jealous man slashes throat of fiancé. I own a series of photos from this crime scene, including extremely graphic shots of the victim.... This particular photo was used in one of Ransom Riggs’ books, but I don’t remember which one it was.. 🤷‍️ . . . #crime #crime scene #murder #blackandwhite #crime history #creepy #oldpic

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  • ️ Victims of the General Slocum disaster, a passenger steamship that caught fire and sank in the East River, New York City, on June 15, 1904. An estimated 1021 passengers either burned to death or drowned... these rare photos show some of the victims on South Brother Island. . Getting a lot of DMs about this.... the enlargement is a lot bigger and detailed, and uncropped... but I don't want to post it publicly or through IG. If you're a member of The Thanatos Archive ( , just log in and enter Slocum in the search box... then read the description to go to the enlargement. . . . #photo #history #disaster #oldpic #thedead #thanatosarchive #macabre #morgue

  • ️ The Locomotive Got Across Safely, But Four Wagner Cars Plunged Into the Stream -- Many Persons Killed or Injured -- The Scene at the Wreck. The Chicago limited express train for Boston broke through a frail iron bridge on the Boston and Albany Railroad one mile and a half east of Chester, Mass., at noon, and four Wagner cars were crushed, killing fourteen or fifteen persons, fatally injuring several others, while at least twenty were badly hurt. The wreck is the worst ever known on the road. The bridge was being strengthened for the big locomotives, and the workingmen who were putting on the plates were at dinner when the crash came. The locomotive passed over the structure, but was smashed, the water tank being thrown a long distance.The buffet car, two sleepers and a dining car were smashed to kindling wood when they struck the stream twenty feet below, but two day coaches and a smoker in the rear did not leave the track. The dead are: MISS EMMA DELERTY, Columbus, Ohio; H. C. IVES, Chicago; T. EVERETT, Sedgewick; express messenger JOHN McMASTERS, Springfield; brakeman J. H. MURRAY, Greenbush, N. Y.; baggagemaster GEORGE W. MORSE, Boston; Wagner car conductor J. C. STACKPOLE, Hartford, Conn.; R. C. HITCHCOCK, Bellows Falls, Vt.; J. E. DeWITT, Portland, Me., President of the Union Mutual Life Insurance Company; THOMAS KELLY, Boston, blanket manufacturer; MISS SUSIE COTTING, Boston; MRS. C. R. BISHPAM, Philadelphia; MRS. J. S. WINCHELL, Oneida, N. Y.; Unknown woman, plainly dressed, apparently about twenty-five years of age. . . . #railroad #disaster #history #pennsylvania #pennsylvania history #dead #morgue

  • . . . This poor cat was found in the rubble after a big fire in Virginia City, Nevada, in 1866. Apparently he climbed to the top of this telegraph pole and was trapped there . . . #caturday #catphoto #cathistory #catsofinstagram #macabre #nevadahistory #poorcat #1860s

  • #repost @remains2beseen ・・・ I had to post this picture and story again, for those who missed it, because I adore it - I originally posted this for Radiography Day which is celebrated on the 8th of November each year. It marks the anniversary of the discovery of x-radiation by Wilhelm Konrad von Röntgen in 1895. He called them X-Rays as they were previously unknown and 'X' usually means 'something we can't describe', but they are sometimes still named Röntgen Rays after him, and the images they produce are Rontgenograms. (Another word is 'skiagrams' from the Greek for 'shadow writing' and that's a term I frequently come across in my archives at work.) He discovered their medical use when he created a picture of his wife's hand wearing a ring, on a photographic plate formed by X-rays. The photograph of his wife's hand was the first ever photograph of a human body part using X-rays. The above is that image, from the Wellcome Collection (@wellcomecollection) here in London, and it's described in their catalogue as "The bones of a hand with a ring on one finger, viewed through x-ray. Photoprint from radiograph by W.K. von Röntgen, 1895." The lettering at the top of the image is German and says "Hand mit Ringen" presumably meaning "Hand with Ring". When Röntgen's wife saw the image she was so frightened she said, "I have seen my death." That - for me - is why the story is so interesting. In this era people had not seen their own skeletons, only others', or pictures painted as medieval memento mori, for example, or carved into gravestones. To see their OWN skeletons must been terrifying on a Biblical level...but we are so used to it we even mock up photoshopped images of items in people's butts. Times they are a changin'! . #remains2beseen  #nofilter #exceptxrays #xray #xrays #radiography #roentgrenrays #worldradiographyday #skeleton #humanremains #bones #death #mementomori #grimreaper #ihaveseenmydeath

  • . . . Professor Love, Magician & Fire Breather️ . . . #victoriansideshow #sideshows #magician #skullart #crossbones #vintage

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  • ... 1913: Corpse’s hand mummified by magnetism experiments. 〰️ Another photo of this same hand can be seen in the highly highly highly recommended book, “The Perfect Medium”... (or see today’s story for an easier, swipeable link). . . . #occult #spiritualism #mummy #creepy #oldpic #seance #spiritphotography #thanatosarchive

  • ・・・ Circa 1914: Deceased woman surrounded by flowers. The crucifix above her head has a small memento mori skull at the base . . . #beyondthedarkveil2 #thanatosarchive

  • ... This is the way the world ends Not with a bang but a whimper.

  • ... Zeppelin airship - on its way to America, circa 1930. . . . #airship #germany #1930s #zeppelin #crowd #snapshot #bonvoyage #photography #dreamland #blackandwhite

  • The grave of husband and wife George and Sarah Fisher in Ebenezer Cemetery. Photo taken about 1913. Swipe left for a surprise. . . #graveyard #cemetery #taphophile #thanatosarchive #cemetery photography #graveyard girls

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  • ... “Elsie with the fairies”. One of two Cottingley Fairies photos in my collection, which were made from the original negatives and sold at several lectures in the UK around 1919-1920 🧚‍️

  • . . . 1921

  • ... Found two slightly different versions of the same tintype (about 10 years apart!), and combined them into this animation.