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  • . . . Iceland, 1938

  • ... I am giving this post mortem photo away to one randomly chosen angel who joins my site today or tomorrow ... I’m only expecting like 10 new members at BEST, so odds are super. Check out my Facebook page for details www.facebook.com/thanatos.net

  • . . . #1939

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  • ... 1/6 post mortem daguerreotype, mid-1850s... . For sale: $495 + $15.00 Priority Mail shipping(US), 10% discount if you are a member of my Archive [ www.Thanatos.net ]... DM me to purchase or if you have questions

  • ... Here’s something different from my collection ... Nursing mother, circa 1855 daguerreotype. I own other photos of this woman and her family, including two Civil War era photos of her lifting weights! She was an interesting lady, wife of the photographer, a leader in women's activities, a suffragist, and a friend of Susan B. Anthony.

  • ・・・ ️️️ Execution of Ruth Snyder at Sing Sing prison on July 12, 1928. Snyder and her lover murdered her husband Albert for his life insurance, by garroting him and stuffing his nose with chloroform-soaked rags. This photo of her in the electric chair was taken by a photographer named Tom Howard, who used a miniature camera strapped to his ankle to sneak the shot.

  • (SOLD): Original calendar page from 1901. Heavy textured paper, approximately 10” x 7” DM for price. I have others available, including another of the one seen here ... message if interested!

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  • ... ... Scroll down about seven rows for a similar

  • . . . . or ❓❓ #pigdog

  • ... How they grip us through thin and thick. Those barnacle dead! This lady here's no kin Of mine, yet kin she is; she'll suck Blood and whistle my marrow clean To prove it.... (From “All the Dead Dears”, Sylvia Plath) ~ Men with skeleton friends, 1870s CDVs. The one on the right (both smoking cigars!) is for sale or trade... DM or email me if interested ...

  • ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... ... New arrivals to scan for Thanatos.net! The little girls obituary will also be scanned and added to the Archive blog . #beyondthedarkveil #thanatosarchive

  • ... Top hat, walking stick and raccoon coat, early-1900s glass negative 🧥 #vintagestyle #taboofx

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  • ... 1890s cabinet card (censored for Instagram ) #vintagenude #strategicallyplacedpuppy

  • ... Buffalo hide coat and top hat, c1870 tintype #vintagestyle

  • . . . Big clown will eat you 🤡 ️ #giantpennywise #bigclown #anonymousphotographer #clownfood #vintageclowns

  • ...Reposting this, without the lame lightning bolts I added the first time - why did you let me do that?🤦‍️ (1917 glass plate x-ray) . . . #xray #skeleton #bones #vintage medical #radiology #histmed #medicalphotography #vintage #oldpics

  • . . . 14-year-old Maud Gill on her deathbed. She died of tuberculosis not long after this photo was taken in January, 1872. Visit thanatos.net for more of the collection. #thanatosnet

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  • #repost @deathunderglass ・・・ Image: two unidentified victims of the Cocoanut Grove, November 28, 1942. Today is the 75th anniversary of a tragic event that would change fire safety laws in the US forever. On November 28th, 1942, a night club in Boston called the Cocoanut Grove went up in flames. The club was a one-and-a-story meandering building full of dancefloors, bar, and lounges, all of which had walls and ceilings lined with dark blue satin canopies and heavy drapes, with rattan and bamboo lining the walls. It was a hopping place – that night, it’s estimated that over a 1000 people crammed into a building meant for no more than 460. The fire started in the dark basement, possibly from a match light by a busboy so he could fix a lightbulb, or maybe from the ignition of highly flammable and substandard gas refrigerant. The fake palm tree decorations and drapes caught fire, and the flames moved so fast that patrons fled upstairs with their hair literally on fire. Nearly all of the exits were locked or hidden, and a revolving door at the club's maon entrance became jammed with bodies. Within 5 minutes the club was rife with flames and 492 people were dead, overcome by smoke inhalation or burned to death. Some were found seated at tables with drinks in hand, dead before they could make a move to escape. And that, @deathunderglass-ers, is why revolving doors in public places are always flanked by a regular set of doors that open outward, flammable decorations are banned, and exit signs are illuminated and required to have an independent source of electricity. Investigators suggested that simply having exit doors that swung outward and not inward might have saved as many as 300 lives. Yes, safety laws requiring buildings to comply with fires codes can be onerous – but so is fleeing for your life with your hair in flames. Remember to thank your local fire chief not only for fighting fires, but also for enforcing codes enacted in the wake of Cocoanut Grove. #forensic #pathology #deathunderglass #autopsy #fire #smokeinhalation #disaster #cocoanutgrove

  • ... For sale: Sixth-plate, late-1840s daguerreotype, child with partially open eyes, holding flowers. Full, original leather case with a mourning candles design on its covers. [ $650.00 Thanatos.net members ] [ $750.00 Non-members ] Boxed, insured Priority Mail shipping included (US addresses only) DM to purchase or with questions!

  • Dead twins in matching burial suits, a mid-1850s daguerreotype from my post mortem and mourning collection at www.thanatos.net ️ . . #thanatosarchive #mementomori #mourning #photo #death #beyondthedarkveil #thanatosnet #antiques