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  • When you go to Muscle Beach...you gotta show off your muscles

  • Post work out vday treats at Nekter! We aren’t huge on celebrating #valentinesday but any excuse to get food sounds good to us how did you celebrate today?

  • Currently...who’s ready for a little life update? These past 2 weeks have been absolutely insane for us and our fitness has taken a little back seat as of late. We found a new apartment and moved in this weekend (hence the messy room), we both were fighting being sick, Tyler has some verrrry exciting opera opportunities coming up, and I am working through a new health diagnosis that’s set me back a lot lately. We’re both really excited to get back to the gym and back into a routine after what seems like for-ev-er! But, we love our new place, love each other and love the life we are building together❤️that’s what matters. Happy Monday all!

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  • It’s Friday, we’re both sick, and have only worked out twice this week it hasn’t been great and actually really frustrating to see our progress slowly dwindle away. But life happens and the flu strikes and you gotta do what you gotta do.

  • Back at it it has been a looooong ass week for the both of us so we’ve been a little MIA from insta (and the gym ), but this Friday night workout seemed to make up for it! Anyone else like to crush it before the weekend?

  • Man, it has been a week...and it’s only TUESDAY! We definitely are missing our little weekend getaway and this view normally, we would rarely workout on vacation, but now anywhere we go we always look for a place with a gym so we can get our sweat on! It helps keep us accountable and we can eat many more treats :-) it has been hard to get back into the swing of things aka we are still on vacation mode. Anyone else feeling the same and counting down the days to the weekend? ‍️

  • Today marks one year of marriage for us! So naturally, we’re pointing towards our future :-) but really, it’s been an amazing year and we are so glad to have found a love for fitness that connects us to others and brings us closer together. #happysunday

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  • Vacation gains which view is better?

  • When the booty gains are poppin you both gotta check it out #thicc #withtwocs

  • This is a great shoulder warm up or burn out for after your workout. Don’t be fooled by the light weights, they can be killer! Repeat 3x (ps I may or may not have googled the names to these exercises 🤔) let me know if you try it! . . . 1. 10 external rotations 2. 10 scarecrow rotations 3. 10 lateral to front raise 4. 10 reverse front raise

  • Taking time to recenter this weekend and focus on being happy and healthy together ❤️

  • Totally candid pic of us being totally normal and not drawing any attention to ourselves

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  • It’s been 5 days since working with @getmine.co to restructure my workouts. I’ve seen huge strength changes in my output and reps, as well as my targeted muscle groups. This might seem mundane or trivial, but I was able to do 2 wide grip pull ups today. As I grew up a fat kid, I never thought I’d be able to do them as I routinely failed at them. I’m excited to see the growth over the next few weeks!

  • Here’s a little #transformationtuesday booty edition 1st picture is from September, 2nd is from October, and 3rd is January (now). I have always had a pretty large bum thanks to genetics, so it was never something I considered to “build” or work on. But, once I got an office job and sat in a chair 8+ hours a day, I started to become unhappy with it (and just my bod in general). Lots of squats, hip thrusts and cable kickbacks later... and I’m gonna keep going! Sooo here’s to building the booty and having strong ass glutes

  • That feeling you get when you have the day off of work

  • Soaking up the sunshine ️ if you would have asked me last year if I would ever share a picture like this on social media, I would say helllll nooo. But the crazy part of learning to accept your body is that you start to care less what others think and start to focus on how YOU feel. I could pick apart everything I dislike in this picture - but tbh I feel great, I’m active and healthy, and getting stronger day by day.

  • This is how our winter is going ️ how’s yours? Comment below where you’re from and how warm/cold it is!

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  • Going into the weekend like ️ Dabs really stretch you out, so for our deload days we usually do a lot. What are your Saturdays like? Do you go ham, or stretch and roll like us?

  • Well this is a nerve wrecking #transformationtuesday hahah but here’s to being real and transparent these two photos are about a year and a half apart, Tyler’s are one month (can you say, wow?!) it hasn’t been easy and it hasn’t been fast, but it has been worth it. Incorporating weight training and the help of @getmine.co has been absolutely amazing for our bodies! We are working on a longer post about our journey to how we got here and what has been most effective for us. This isn’t a “before and after” it’s more of a “then and currently.” Because we aren’t stopping for an “after.” This is a continuous lifestyle for us