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  • Tomorrow!!!! @thewarhousegym ‘s first @usapowerlifting meet registration opens up at Noon EST! If you’re a member you can register now (DM me for the link). There will be cash prize and prize packs for top lifters. If you’re looking for your next (or your first) #powerlifting meet, this is the one. #usapl

  • REP PR. 275 x 4 #bench Bw : 165 . Bench has responded super well this block. Every week hit a rep #PR . Obviously things don’t always work out that way, but conveniently this block it did. Signups for the first #usapl @thewarhousegym meet will be this Wednesday. If you’re looking for your first #powerlifting meet to do, I suggest you do this one... I know I am . . Programming @ct_whitney

  • Snow Dog. ❄️ #tchalla @keepingupwithsox

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  • 455 x 1. Bw 165# . Not my fastest or smoothest #deadlift ever. Tons of fatigue is finally hitting me from this super soviet block @ct_whitney has me testing. Really happy knowing I can handle this weight even on a crap day. 10# off my #Pr and looking to dial it in for a 3x be pull come July 7th at @thewarhousegym 's first #usapl #powerlifting meet. 20 weeks... #moreglutes gang

  • Pr. 305 x 1. Bw 165. . Bench has been feeling really solid this block. Progress . Programming @ct_whitney Free 8 Week Power Trainer @runeverythinglabs

  • 408# Squat and 295# Bench for today’s conservative singles. Crazy that each of these lifts are only 5# off my bests ever. Progress is definitely going on the right direction. ✊ @ct_whitney

  • 300# x 1. . Ties a PR. MUCHHH smoother than last time. 2x Bw bench come July 🤔 @ct_whitney Current Bw : 165#

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  • Pr 405 x 2. Bw: 165 . Had a little trouble maintaining tightness from yesterday’s 9hr of travel back to MT and from @hypertrophycoach breaking my body. Maintaining position in squat has improved drastically from before, I’m sure the two blocks of beltless work have paid off. @ct_whitney <- programming

  • 380 x 4 PR. Bw 166 . Was supposed to be a top double at 8. Lol’ed at how easy the first rep went. Slight misgroove on the second so wanted to clean it up and hit another rep. 3rd felt solid so sent another. So 4 reps @8 it is. Confidence is definitely rolling on squats. @ct_whitney

  • Pr 430# x 2. . Definitely some noticeable fatigue in low back and legs from snowboard 2 of the last 3 days but lifting isn’t priority in my life right now so I’m digging the progress. Rep PRs on all main movements in each of my last 3 workouts. Building, building, building... . Programming @ct_whitney

  • I was at @thewarhousegym in spirit yesterday for this PR. My NYE workout consisted of 370# for a fairly easy triple (coulda hit atleast another 2 reps but told myself I would start sticking to the prescribed RPE for top sets). This was my 1rm from this time last year. @ct_whitney 🤙

  • @keepingupwithsox

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  • @nadia_malara

  • 265 x 3 tied PR. . Bench has been troubling me the most since leaving @thewarhousegym . Few reasons but a major one has been benching on non adjustable benches. Bench is (arguably) one of the most technical lifts because there is more equipment involved other then just you and the barbell. Non-adjustable benches typically don’t favor someone with shorter limbs (Trex arms) or a wider grip. Today I️ slid a bench into the Rogue rack and used that instead. Felt good to finally be able to properly set up and not miss a rep lol. 265 x 3 I’ve missed twice in this training block so it felt good to get that outta my system today. Story over... go check out the Gym Bro Bag @flagnorfail

  • 385 x 5 Beltless. First set amrap with 82%. Probably coulda hit another but didn’t feel like hitting a grinder and my hand felt like it was melting.

  • Gn. @keepingupwithsox

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  • PR 355 (85%) x 6. . I’ve hit this for 5 before (with a belt) but knowing that, once I hit 4 I️ figured let’s go for 6. Felt like my soul left my body on the last rep. Thank you @horohophoto for not letting me end up on gym fails with that re-rack. Never was a fan of that style j-cup haha.

  • 8’s tho ¿? @ct_whitney