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  • hii my babies!! early tomorrow morning i’m going to be leaving for a school retreat and i wont have any electronics! the retreat is 5 days long so i wont be active on here until tuesday! this means no posts, no answering dms and no answering sarahah, though feel free to send any messages and i’ll respond when i return. i’m sorry this is so short notice! i thought about having my brother or a friend manage the account while i’m gone which is why i didn’t tell you in advance, but ive decided i’m more comfortable just leaving it inactive. i know thats unfortunate since nowruz is so soon and i had so many things to post but i’ll try to fit as many in as possible when i return! thank you all for understanding, so much love for you❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • TRU. second photo is me falling during charshanbe suri for your enjoyment

  • this is the best/worst thing i’ve ever seen...happy chaharshanbe suri my babies!

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  • This is the most despicable thing I’ve ever seen and I hope anyone who partakes in it dies a slow, painful death. The intro line honestly nauseated me. If you’re Muslim and live in the area, PLEASE take the proper measures to stay safe and spread the word.

  • when western republicans complain about mandatory dress/hijab laws, they pretend they care about women’s rights, but in reality they’re just mad they can’t see skin if they really cared about women’s rights, they wouldn’t support the hypersexualization of women like so

  • everyone in the replies was saying chocolate - edit: y’all are KILLING me. ITS BUTTER. its not a damn stock cube. if that was your guess thats a good guess but some of these non persians are fighting me to the death saying its not butter we don’t use stock cubes!

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  • kos dadan IM SCREAMING

  • Happy International Women’s Day ❤️ let’s honor some powerful and successful Iranian women. 1. Pardis Sabeti- award-winning computational biologist and geneticist, and she also squeezes in time to be the damn lead singer/writer of a rock band! 2. Parvin Etesami- 20th-century Persian poet 3. Kimia Alizadeh Zonooni- the first ever Iranian woman to win a medal at the Olympics (and her event was Taekwondo, which makes it even cooler) 4. Marjane Satrapi- graphic novelist, illustrater, cartooner, film director, best known for her graphic novel Persepolis. It’s a must read. 5. Maryam Mirzakhani- award-winning mathematician. She became the first ever woman as well as the first ever Iranian to receive the Fields Medal, the most prestigous award in all of mathematics. 6. Anousheh Ansari- the first ever Iranian in space, and the first ever self-funded woman in space, as well as the co-founder and CEO of her own company. 7. Maryam Khatoon Molkara- trans woman and campaigner for trans rights in Iran. 8. Nasim Pedrad- Iranian-American actress 9. Christiane Amanpour- journalist and television host, as well as 10. Shrin Ebadi- lawyer, former judge, human rights activist, founder of Defenders of Human Rights center in Iran, and nobel peace prize winner. She was the first Iranian and the first Muslim to earn the award. Nothing but love and respect for all these strong ladies, and all those who aren’t on this list but are just as significant.

  • after tr*mp won, i posted on snapchat to block me if you support him, and one of my best friends was SO mad, he said IM the problem and i shouldnt divide our country, like ???? and i was like, dude, im a queer, disabled, jewish woman of color, i am literally everything trump hates and you’re a straight white male and then he was like “oh youre pulling THAT card on me??” like, yeah i am because its relevant??? like youll never understand how it feels to be me right now. anyway, we didnt talk for 4 months until he came to his senses. and recently another friend of mine got mad at me for saying id never date a conservative ?? like how do u expect me to date someone who hates these things about me

  • when i tell you i was shook !!

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  • honestly so true. like this is why the expression “doodool tallah” exists

  • noah fence but this is the greatest thing ive ever seen

  • tell me a story of something that happened to you today in the comments

  • um as a persian jew im super embarrassed to admit this but i did not know ahasuerus was persian until i just saw this post a minute ago. i just never learned it. wow. the more you know. anyway i know im late but happy purim !! also mordechai was eshter’s uncle not cousin but still

  • hi i’ve literally had the worst day ever today i threw up and almost fainted out of sheer college related anxiety, then i had to meet with those kids who bust into PSU, then i got not one, but TWO tickets whilst driving so :))

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  • despite originating in iran, those of baha’i faith are oppressed, jailed, and murdered for being baha’i. there is not a single baha’i house of worship in all of iran, and there never has been

  • hi i just saw black panther and it was AMAZING