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  • THEY STOOD NO CHANCE AGAINST US!! We finally booked a win in the drinking poker game for $1600! @dougpolkpoker played great but was unlucky. I will never play 2-7 NL Single Draw again ! πŸ€·β€οΈπŸ€·β€οΈ

  • WE ASKED TO RAISE THE RAKE AND THEY WOULDNT LET US!!!! Wtf!! Get @dnegspoker here to help!!! We are playing PLO/NL/o8/badagiiiu and i will @dougpolkpoker to stack me

  • POKERSTARS RAISES THE RAKE AGAIN!! Pokerstars has decided to protect the low stakes tournament players on its website by announcing rake changes for next week in the tournaments with a buy-in less than $20!! That's right, if you play in these tournaments, you will have the opportunity to contribute to the "more rake is better" movement!! If you want to see these changes in the future, you aren't able to see them by simply opening the lobby... instead check out the popular "Structure" tab in the lobby!!

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  • Currently watching SUPER HIGH ROLLER BOWL CHINA $250k BUYIN on a random Chinese website and have no idea wtf is going on!!! I want to watch Fedor Holz play! Help!!! (Link is douyu.com/645 )

  • I'm giving PLO coaching to @jeffgrosspoker right now & if I win more than $400 in a hand vs him, I will fly someone to Vegas NEXT WEEKEND & Jeff will buy you dinner

  • NO GAMBLE, NO FUTURE PART 2!!!!!! OMG gooooo watch on PokerGo

  • NO GAMBLE, NO FUTURE!! This is the first hand I see when I turn on PokerAfterDark 🀣 The Wolf gets OOL against @magicantonio πŸ€·β€οΈπŸ€·β€οΈthis game is wild, can watch on @pokercentral (use my promo code Joey if you sign up because I need to get OOL this summer)

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  • Late night POT LIMIT OMAHA w/ @randallemmettfilms & he is teaching me how to play the great game

  • Everyone FOLLOW @therealgushansen ASAP & tell him we need him on the podcast!! Gus is taking Instagram poker to a new level w/ his commentary and no one loves PLO + being OOL + women more than Gus and I LETS MAKE THIS HAPPEN

  • People are actually getting refunded by WPN/ACR for the cheating on the website at the cash games for PLO!! We are starting to see an impact from the videos I previously made!!! LFG!! Bots have been banned, a tournament loophole has been fixed but many problems still remain on the site. I made a new video on my YouTube to talk more about it thanks everyone for the help on spreading awareness to this.

  • This man Garrett is one of my favorite players to watch in poker right now. He owned @danielmerrilees in this $80k pot pretty hard last week on @liveatthebike playing $100/$200. And by owned I mean flopped top pair, turned two pair and just called, and had all the draws miss on the river ️ I'll be live for my live at the Bike show at 9pm EST tonight w/ the man in charge of the show @pokerryanfeldman on their YouTube channel.

  • I played on GLOBAL POKER for the first time yesterday as everyone has been asking for my opinion of it. I posted about it on my story and here is what I think about the site so far. No idea how this site can be legal or what the security situation is like but I am going to be investigating it further. I thought the action at PLO cash games was good not taking into account the rakeback or rake. I can't suggest people play on it yet unless you're prepared to lose all your money but will let you guys know more.

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  • I'm having David Peters on my podcast today at 6pm EST. David is one of the best high stakes tournament players in the world, #4 ranked on the GPI and also one of the best dancers in the poker world. I was already excited to have him on the podcast before I found this video and now I feel personally challenged to an old podcast tradition aka a dance off by Dpeters (shout out @pokernewsdotcom)

  • ANYTIME YOUR OPPONENT DOES THIS MOVEMENT AFTER RAISING ALL-IN....YOU PROBABLY ARE BEHIND!! Please bring back more @therealgushansen televised poker!!! I have to watch the rest of last night but hopefully Gus finished up

  • GUS HANSEN SET THEM UP W/ HIS LAST PLAY!! Now he set over set over top 2 pairs them w/ the T-7-7-5 BUT he gets for the $113k pot!! This action is wild

  • NO ONE HAS MORE HEART THAN GUS HANSEN DOES IN POKER!! Going all in preflop with the 8-6-3-2 and getting an unlucky run out in the $120k pot it's $100/$200/$400 Pot Limit Omaha aka the great game on PokerGo right now

  • PUT YOUR PHONE AWAY DURING YOUR NEXT POKER SESSION! Challenge for all the winning players that follow me aka 95% of you. Try focusing more intently on the actions of the other players, body language, bet sizing, etc. etc. instead of auto piloting picking up your phone to text, check IG, twitter, FB, ETC... It's not GTO to keep breaking your focus when playing poker and you'll notice you pick up on things that you haven't noticed before. Report back & gl

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  • Yes!! We gave TWO award speeches last night after being nominated for TWO poker awards. I didn't win any of those awards but big THANK YOU so much to @yayandrew for asking me to give his speeches when he took down the VLOGGER of the year award and the People's Choice Award. His speechwriter is a genius

  • ✍I just uploaded a new YouTube video on the things I miss most in poker. It feels like poker was so much different years ago. I'll never forget the epic seasons of High Stakes Poker and watching Sammy Farha, Barry Greenstein, Jamie Gold, Tom Dwan and others battling it out!! That was some of the most inspiring/entertaining poker content I could have watched at the time. I miss being able to turn a random $1500 Stud tournament on ESPN2, WSOP Main Event re-runs, and Poker After Dark cash games on every night. . Rail heaven on Full Tilt Poker was something that myself and many others spent HOURS AND HOURS watching all night long. $500/$1000 blinds is such a huge game!! Guy Laliberte would hop in on a few different accounts and do battle with the best in the world. I loved seeing the online end bosses like Brian Townsend show up and do battle with the longtime live pros!! 🦈 . I used to think players on TV were the BEST in the world and had it all figured out when it comes to poker. I see things slightly different these days