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  • Expanding my range to remain balanced while also aggressive Happy Bday to my favorite Buddhist #dareisay ...... #GTO

  • Plz TAG people who need to hear this! I just saw a YouTube video blogger spamming her affiliate code on twitter and talking about how it's such a good time to buy cryptocurrency. Please don't listen to random people who months ago had NO IDEA what cryptocurrency was!! Everyone up and $$& thinks they have some idea when most of them have no idea what their talking about. When someone is spamming their affiliate code nonstop, they care about getting you to sign up so they make money, they don't give a fuck if you lose any money.

  • 🀣🀣 This will never stop being funny or accurate

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  • New YT video: ✍The online high stakes poker cash game system is BROKEN & NEEDS to be fixed!! The only players currently benefiting from the system are the parasites who use seating scripts & INSTANTLY sit out from games. The cash game ecosystem MUST be redesigned to reward players who WANT TO COMPETE & won't only play when they BUMHUNT & sit out instantly when a player leaves the game!!! In this video, I propose simple ways that this can be done. . . . @dnegspoker recently tweeted out about playing in these games & openly mocked the current system in place on Pokerstars. The regulars instantly sat using seating scripts & instantly sat out once Daniel quit! THIS CAN BE CHANGED for the better, so this doesn't take place anymore!! . . . More Rakeback Lower Rake for players who provide a positive atmosphere Banning seat scripts Separate player pools for players who want to COMPETE on a consistent basis! Organized cash game events similar to Poker After Dark Daniel Negreanu cash game challenge once/month

  • This hand featuring @kevinhart4real & an amateur player is one of the most outrageous hands I've seen recently . Kevin misreads his hand πŸ€•!! Many people have pointed out that he might not have misread his hand and didn't mind doubling up the amateur player in the game. I could see that being the case πŸ€”. Either way, I love it and want more of it . The hand is from the upcoming Pokerstars Championship Cash Game Challenge (say that five times fast.) My full video is on my YouTube page. . . Main takeaways from the hand: --Always double check your hand --Don't try to bluff Kevin --Never give someone their money back --Never play NL cash

  • New YouTube video (link in bio) up where I went a bit in-depth into this $31,000 pot I played last month on my PLO aka PPPPPPOT Limit Omaha week at @LiveAtTheBike. The hand takes place at $25/$50, and we started it with a bit over $15,000. The hand was vs. a younger Asian player named Tan that I enjoyed playing with. He did the great game of PLO a large amount of respect with his approach to the game. I'm still not sure what I like more pre-flop -- calling the 3bet or 4betting.... πŸ€”πŸ€”

  • I'm back in the YouTube streets with a review of the latest poker movie Molly's Game w/ my friend @pokersasha. I would recommend the movie to anyone whether or not they have any interest in poker. We gave some awards for our favorite characters, best moments, hardest to believe moments, the inaccuracies of the movie & more. What did everyone else think about the movie? The full video is on my YouTube channel.

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  • ✍My goal for the night was to have a $5,000 chip stack in the $1/$2/$5 PLO game, BUT my nemesis from the Bike in LA @pokersasha aka the Taiwanese Typhoon had other plans. She was the one to leave with a near $5,000 chip stack and almost win my "Build a $5k chip stack at $1/$2 PLO challenge!" She cashed out about $4,700, while I cashed out a bit above the buy-in She stormed through the table with category 5 winds & dominated the competition. I will attempt the challenge again sometime soon at the Wynn, and I will also try to stack Sasha again in the future.

  • My man @lexveldhuis is out here playing chess, while the rest of you are playing checkers 🀣 Lex is not a man beaten w/ pocket Jacks (THE ICM SAYS THIS AN EASY FOLD ACCORDING TO THE EXPERTS BTW)

  • ✍My beautiful mother is thrilled that Twitter has been enjoying her thoughts on Bitcoin & tournament poker. I was at the gym w/ her & she said "Quick, take a selfie of us for Twitter! They've been enjoying my tweets so much let's show them how we work out together! " . . . I'm headed back to my place in Vegas this weekend & will miss being around her & the rest of my family much. It's a special type of energy being around my mom that I don't often feel. She will probably cry when she reads this and I will miss her & HER COOKING very dearly. Thanks mommmmmma for your MTO aka Mom Theory Optimum

  • ✍I've been off the IG & YouTube streets for a few days to clear my mind after a couple intense weeks of poker. I often shut myself off to the world when I'm super focused on poker & it can lead to all types of negative emotions swirling through my brain. I've found that positive conversations are one of the healthiest things for my life & when I neglect having those, my mind gets a bit chaotic. I've been very lucky to have one friend help me snap out of it over the past few days & remind me to focus on the positives instead of dwelling on the negatives. The downside of the real poker talk series I've started doing on YouTube is that I've been spending more time than ever before on the negative emotions I experience through poker & not thinking enough about what I do extremely well that has allowed me to win consistently for years. . . . I'm headed back to the Midwest for a couple days & will get back to making podcast magic sometime soon. Shout out to everyone who send me messages here. As my friends & mother can attest, I have a habit of not replying to anyone for days/weeks. I'm not sure why or where it comes from but I'm hoping to get better at it as time goes on. . . GTO takeaways from this post - 1. Positive conversation breeds a positive mindset & thoughts. I need to have more of these conversations on a daily basis. 2. The Jonah & S theory - It's better to do 15% of something instead of 0%. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps. 3. As cliche as I've always thought this was, focus on my positives instead of the negatives. Continuing maximizing my strengths & set up better systems to handle the negatives. (Thank you for reading, if you read all of this please tell me in the comments because I have no idea if anyone does. Boat, dolphin, chicken skewer, Caesar salad, lipstick, pizza, spaghetti... πŸ€›β€οΈβ€οΈ

  • We're walking in with 3 stacks of high society for tonight's $25/$50 PLO game on @liveatthebike... The legend David Benyamine will be playing! I used to rail him battling at the high stakes on Full Tilt Poker & now I get my chance to play a big pot against him myself! So fucking epic Starts 9pm EST on @liveatthebike YouTube channel!

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  • We are continuing the PLO game outside & Jenny had to stop by to say hi to all her fans!! @_peekaboo_j26

  • Playing $5/$10 Pot Limit right now on @liveatthebike We started with $2,000 it's live on YouTube.com/LiveAtTheBikecom

  • My poker tip of the day is about nits & fucking shortstackers inspired by @polarizingchris

  • Playing $5/5 Pot Limit Omaha on @liveatthebike stream right now!! In for $1500 and have Mr. OOL in the game being OOL as one can get

  • 4:30 A.M. PLO session & the OOL girl to my right knocked over my $4,300 chip stack while I was trying to win $5k on the session i told Sasha I will knock over her chips the next 100 times I see her anywhere.

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  • Our favorite @liveatthebike waitress is back!!! @_peekaboo_j26 the legend

  • Attempting to win $5,000 in tonight's @liveatthebike pot limit Omaha game tune in to watch me tilt over shortstackers in the game

  • Plz wish me luck as I dive back in the live poker water this week head first -- I'm going to do some type of giveaway for my PLO week on @liveatthebike -- I might giveaway some % of what I win, a date w/ my mom, a date w/ me, a date w/ @dougpolkpoker, coaching, podcast appearance, date w/ @vivi.saliba, a new car, $5k on ACR, a nude photo of myself, I don't really know yet. BUT someone will win something. It will be to someone who comments on this post that I like (not eligible to win if I don't like you.) ✌🀀