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  • Versace Python channeling my inner @jodyhighroller 🤙 . @pit_viper

  • Chillin like a Villin @brickcityvillin . Scoop your VL tanks and hats now fam!! #villincrew Use FSHOW at checkout . . @chazmedlock

  • When you drop your dignity on the ground 🤦‍️🤫 #happyhumpday . . . @chazmedlock

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  • Should I go Vegan?! 🤔#vegangains . Tempted after crushing a chest and bi workout with this legend @nimai_delgado . Also who thinks my boy should get a tat?! 🤷‍️ LET US KNOW

  • Heaven must be somewhere in California ️ #mightnotleave #LA Who else agrees?! . . . @chazmedlock

  • Hey fam! ‍️ Just thought I’d throw a video out to let you know some more about @teknaturals BurnerTEK as I get SO many questions about the product and how it works! I want to show you what I believe in and use day to day . . If you want to know ANYTHING else about the products or this one in particular COMMENT below ️ I’d love to help OR Check the link in my bio to learn more about @teknaturals #teknaturals #fatburner

  • Oiled up on Venice Beach in my @manasse_collection hat 🤷‍️ . . . @chazmedlock

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  • Tag your most Tatted friend 🤘 #inkmywholebodyidontgiveamuthafuck . Big thanks to @mikemoralestattoo for the badass @sullenclothing badge!! #sullenfamily

  • Be a @brickcityvillin 🤘 get that VL hat asapp . FSHOW at checkout #villincrew . . . @m.ce.j

  • I’m on duty, who’s ready to see me on Baewatch . TAG your Valentine’s Day crush ❤️ . . . @chazmedlock

  • Peep the new vlog fam! see what kinda shit I’m up to 🤷‍️ . FLEMSHOW TV #vlog #losangeles

  • Sooooo I kinda just ‘missed my flight’ and I’m staying until the 27th 🤭 #sorrynotsorry #oops . And this is me at the iconic Mecca of Bodybuilding hi! ‍️

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  • This shirt tho @manasse_collection for everyone who was asking - large #mensfashion

  • My face when I have to decide if I’m leaving Cali or not 🤔 #saturdayselfies

  • When your @alphalete trackies match your @gucci duffel 🤷‍️🤷‍️ #ootd #guccigang

  • Train like VILLIN @brickcityvillin Rockin’ that VL cutoff, hat, and shorts stylin’ . @villin_crew FSHOW at checkout for that discount! . . @m.ce.j

  • Brontosaurus Flem here🦕 Coming down from the trees to let y’all know @teknaturals BurnerTEK gets ya shredded AF🤣 . I brought it over here to LA to keep the shredZ up in this perfect weather #burnertek #teknaturals . Try it for yourself! Mad energy, No jitters, No crash, safe for him or her! 🤗 FSTV15 at checkout

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  • ‘’re so vertically fat’ 🤯 - serious guy . #tallguy with a few #tattoos here wishing y’all a killer week ❤️

  • Smashing these workouts in LA ️ always got my @teknaturals TestoTEK with me!! You can do dips with big chains too Use discount code FSTV15 for 15% off!!! . . Click the link in my bio to learn more about TestoTEK‍️ #testotek #teknaturals #testosterone . . . @gym.legends @getbig @fitnessdatabase @gymmotivation @menshairs @gymgoalsclub @shredded_life_ @createmuscle @gymbeaston @gym.empire @shredded_academy @shredded.nation @menshairworld @menshair @menshair.videos @hairstylesmenn @hairstylesformen @hair.videos @tattoo.mafia @tattooedboys @homens_prazer @tattoo.inkstagram @creatgains @shredded.union @getbIg @white.wings.motivation @gym__bodybuilding @sentimientoes @bossshredz @instagrambodybuilding @bodybuildingnation @simplyshredded

  • In love with this city ️ Should I tat my other chicken leg? #superbowl