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  • Not really a show I want to remember but, due to all the circumstances he ended up slowly chilling out in the last two classes getting us some 2nd placings

  • My boy is sound again I think, he looked so much better when I trotted him out today! So Murchison here we come!! Also my friend @zinnielloyd_nz is going to come and help me get him ready for the show, and also have a ride on him and take pictures of me as well!! I’m actually so excited!!

  • Mo was actually so amazing today!! Definitely one of our best rides yet! After two days off I was expecting him to be hot and all over the show but my little man seriously pulled his socks up and tried his heart out!! We started off with stretchy walk and trot which he was doing so well!! Followed by walk, trot and vis versa transitions as I wasn’t carrying a whip because I need to get ready for the show. Then we worked on canter and trotting calmly afterwards!! His left rein canter is actually the best thing I’ve ever ridden and his right rein is definitely improving, it will be my main focus area this week along with getting our transitions smoother, practicing figure of eights with simple changes and halting!! He also ate a carrot today 🥕

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  • I have a lesson today which will be my last lesson before my instructor goes up north and for preparation for Murchison A&P. I’m so excited for the show, I just want it to be here already!! I’ve been waiting for it since the entries came out around Christmas

  • Mo was a super good boy tonight he’s been trying so hard in his canter recently, instead of legs flying everywhere I can feel him using each leg individually. He’s getting really good at ovals which is awesome!! Also beginning to stretch down at the trot which will also help him to stay relaxed. Also he’s looking so muscley at the moment it’s almost like he grew them overnight, especially his neck

  • Look at Mo trot I rode him yesterday and he was super weird, he just wasn’t listening and was all over the show, kept cutting off corners and was either rushing or just suddenly walking. Also cannot canter circles anymore for the life of him which is something we need to work on big time now 🤦‍️

  • Just some transformation pictures of Mr Mo. the old one for the trotting is about 6 weeks ago so isn’t that old, and the canter old one is on the lunge because I don’t have any other canter pictures. He still isn’t very consistent in a frame yet in the trot but he’s definitely getting better. I just need to keep encouraging him.

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  • I rode Mo last night after three days off and I was expecting him to be hot and super annoying but he wasn’t!! He was super chill, yes he was heavy and took a while to warm up and to go on the bit at the trot but once he had warmed up I was decently happy with how he was going!! Wasn’t perfect and he did have moments where he refused to listen to my leg but he quickly decided it’s better having a gentle aid than a kick to the side he was over shooting the centre line but I just kept doing it until I was happy. Canters were amazing!! Left rein was beautiful as usual and we have a right rein canter again!! I could feel him finally pushing from behind and travelling uphill yesterday on the right rein, even got half a circle! Only paced for 1/2 strides afterwards before correcting himself and trotting, so he knows he shouldn’t pace and does try his best to trot out of his canters!! Super happy with Mo man ❤️❤️ On another note school starts today I do have a lesson tonight!!

  • keeping Mo lifting his back and using his ab muscles, then in turn coming onto the bit at the trot is something I think I have always struggled with. It’s getting better now however I still need to stop leaning forward and sit up with my shoulders back. His canter has also taken a few steps back, which is beyond frustrating because it could’ve been prevented but now we are back to having a hot canter and no 20m circles on the right rein with him trying to pace the whole time. It’s all just frustrating when you have your first A&P show in about two weeks and you’re not prepared for it whatsoever.

  • Took Mo to pony club camp yesterday just for the day and he was really good! He wasn’t naughty, just scared of all the game props as he just hasn’t been exposed to them before but I was still happy with how he handled himself with all the other horses running around him. We then went on a massive hack through forestry and he was really well behaved!! He hasn’t done anything like that before and was crossing all the creeks bravely! He was happy going at the front, middle and back which is awesome. On the way home he was very hot but that’s understandable. He did try being silly cantering up the hills but I just told him off and he was fine afterwards. He even ran into tree branches because he is obviously blind and wasn’t listen to me Mr Mo man is getting the day off today

  • just a whole lot of #failfriday because my horse just isn’t with it as you can see he does not like the idea of poles and having to get over them and is a typical standardbred that trips on nothing then proceeded to have a little tanty even though it was his own fault he tripped

  • this is what Mo does when he is looking at something that could be potentially very scary 🤦‍️ and this time it was my mum taking pictures of him I rode him yesterday and we did some pole work, we trotted over the three poles twice before he ruined them and I couldn’t be bothered getting off to fix it

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  • look how shiny my horsey is I rode Mo again tonight and it was another fabulous ride!! He was basically his old self which is really really really good!!

  • UMMMMM GRAND PRIX HERE WE COME 🤔🤔 Mo was outstanding today!! So so so so soooooo impressed with his behaviour and attitude towards everything ( except for a pole on the ground ) can’t wait too see what the future holds for me and my not so little standardbred ❤️❤️

  • my horse is actually such a handsome man (mostly ) Including some fails because you can’t always looks 11/10 🤷‍️ He had the day off today as he has reopened a little wound on his fetlock, nothing serious but I want it to heal nicely and because it’s on a joint area I don’t want to reopen it much more, I just sprayed it with iodine to clean it

  • Mo warming up today during our quick lunging session I tried on my white GP cut saddle blanket and it’s tiny I’ll use it for just around home I think also yes I use side reins when lunging, but as you can see they are on the looses hole and aren’t tight, they are also elastic. It encourages him to find the contact and work in a nicer frame, than looking like his usual giraffe

  • Got some bad news... I have to get a new saddle because to fix my one is just not worth the money 🤦‍️🤦‍️ Thankfully I can still ride in my one now as it isn’t hurting Mo or anything like that. Yesterday mum watched my lesson and he was wonderful to start with then got super strong and kept a having hissy fits whenever I had to touch him with my whip to get him continuing to canter 🤦‍️ Hopefully today he’ll be a lot better, then he’s going to get tomorrow and Friday off

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  • had an amazing ride on him yesterday!! we practiced heaps of 20m canter circles and he seems to be really getting them. we also cooled down with a stretchy trot and he was beginning to understand that as well!! and then once again did a bareback to cool down!! I have a lesson today which I am super excited for!

  • Yesterday I had the best ride on him ever!! Outside of lessons because they are really good 98% of them time but usually when I ride without Tessa there I get really flustered when he gets strong and rushy but instead I took a deep breath, sat up and worked on moving off my leg then coming back. Through the warm up in the walk, as soon as I got in he tried to rush off so I asked by half halting until he was taking very slow, individual steps then asked him to walk forward and got him to to come back again, I just repeated this until I felt he was listening and he was looking so amazing in the mirrors In the trot he was very strong and I got really flustered but I took a deep breath, sat up like Tessa told me too and did the same thing until he was listening and it worked!!! We then practiced 1C for the first time and he was so so so good I didn’t feel like he was going to canter off out the arena on our 20m circles and that they were actually becoming more circular! We also are getting closer to getting our down the centre lines straight and not over shooting them, but we will keep practising them!! I then cooled off with some bareback which he was perfect for again and we even had a chicken run in front of them and he didn’t do anything but look at it!!! ( also for a horse with weak hocks, look at that hock action )

  • yesterday in my lesson we practiced our first level 1 dressage test!! so much to improve on but so much improvement under our belt already