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  • happy new year’s eve & i love everyone that’s tagged , thanks for making 2017 less shitty also i’m sorry if i forgot to tag you

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  • arizona ღ ———————————— “ you know someone is special when to you when you don’t talk for a while because things get busy but when you two eventually do it’s like you didn’t miss a beat . you talk like there was no gap in between and you laugh until both your stomach hurt . it’s a rare and special connection and personally i think it’s pure magic . if you ever find someone like this in your life , never let them go “ ———————————— hi happy 1 month , i’m so glad i’ve met you & it’s been a gr8 month even tho you bully me 24/7 but it’s okay !! i’m extremely thankful to have you & i couldn’t imagine a better bestfriend & wife ofc somehow you always manage to put a smile on my face & to make me laugh . but not when you call me mean names like loser and idiot... cry but it’s okay gotta stay strong im always nice to you so idk why you bully me :(( i don’t deserve it anyways we got married again yay , but im still mad that u wanted to divorce me bc of logan paul bye that’s actually nasty .. but ill forgive you cause its cute when you send soft memes and you’re my wife so logan & the other doll kid can back off .. cause you’re only mine ❤️❤️ oh and steph curry is ugly af bye also you want to name our kids esteban , maria , diego and other weird ass names that i DONT like , those are some ugly names & you dont wanna name our kids julia and blaire even tho those are pretty names but whatever... its funny that you believe in zozo cause its bullshit but you wont listen to me and you keep telling me its gonna fuck me up like it did to you... scary and my house is haunted now and it’s all your fault , tyvm but i’m still gonna call you arizozo and it’s funny when you’re scared when i say zozo anyways you’re literally always eating fattie jesus i’m jelly also you remind me of a munchkin cause you’re little & dumb and i’m smart even tho you call me an idiot , when i’m obv not the idiot here... and you never watched prison break or teen wolf bitch you better watch it or i’ll be sad :((( do you want me to be sad ??? this song is so energetic i love it okay anyways i’m so slow , i keep getting distracted wowza , sigh i want fries now oof [ comments ]

  • arizona ❥ ———————————— “ when i’m with you , i smile and laugh more . i don’t have to pretend everything is okay when it’s really not . with you , i can drop the fake smile and put on a real one . i don’t feel alone and hurt when i’m with you . instead , i feel safe and loved . you’re easy to talk to , and you listen to me . i don’t have to worry about holding back with you . i don’t feel self conscious . i don’t ever feel insecure / sad , you show me that you really do care and you’re not just pretending . i really appreciate your company , bc w you i’m happy . “ ———————————— hi arizozo even tho you think the zozo part is scary cause u believe in the ouija shit , and i told u 50 million times that it’s bullshit but you said that i was bullshit ( loll mean ) and u won’t believe me , pretty sad right ?? it’s funny how u get mad when i bring it up and tell u it’s stupid but that’s fine !! but when i call u ari ( too basic ) or rizzo ( like the crocodile ) you don’t like it so hi arizozo we met on november 17 th but honestly it feels like i’ve known u way longer also i’m hella glad that i’ve met you & you’re so funny and energetic hsjs but it’s gr8 and you’re always eating i’m jelly . oof remember when you said u were gonna watch teen wolf but u never did and you stopped watching prison break after like 2 episodes bye that’s mean , i thought u loved me :(( , instead of studying i’m writing this big ass para for u , are u proud of me ? cause i’m obv gonna fail my test tomorrow so pray for me please but it’s okay cause ily and u should be v proud & are u still emozona ?? and u said nice arizona died well she needs to come alive asap cause she was the sweetest person ever and mean arizona is really mean to me cause u keep telling me that you’re gonna divorce me and it makes me emo .. do u want me to be emo ? emo noah ? is that what u want me to be ?? cant wait for june 20 th ,, our wedding and u keep saying u don’t trust me and that i can’t be a famous footballer cause ill be a bad influence for our kiddos but we’ll be rich isn’t that great ! and u said u want our kids to be named diego or something else ugly lol no and u don’t like the name julia bye [ comments ]

  • riless ———————————————————— “ a friend is someone who will catch you when you fall , dry your tears and tell you it will be alright , pretend to be happy to cheer you up , never leave you by yourself , attempt to talk to you atleast once a day no matter what , make you laugh when you’re sad , call back if you hang up on them , make everything you two do together into something fun , no matter how boring it is , always remind you of your inside jokes , finish your sentences , think the same way you do , follow you wherever you go , stop you from doing something stupid or hurting yourself , and they’re always willing to give up something that means a lot to them because they can be sure you’ll always be there in return , and because to them you’ll always mean more than you can imagine . “ —————————— woah this quote is long shsjsj anyways happy 8 months i’m pretty sure we met in may cause that’s when that messy acc started posting so happy 8 months . you and aria are one of the first ppl i met on rp , remember the whale & tape rp shjsks so much drama & remember kendall & jordyn bye i hate her . okay anyways we’ve had so many memories, like going to disneyland and having matching pfps of teletubbies & peppa pig and aria had to be the sun lol and the smiley sock im dhsjsj . ohh and when i said that we went to the same school IM SORRY it was funny tho HSJSJSNS oop . thanks for never leaving me & for always standing by my side . ALSO YOU USED TO BE SO SWEET AND NOW YOURE MEAN what happened to you . + i’m really bad at writing this things i’m so sorry . i’m going trough our messages to find stuff to talk ab and jeez woah we only talk in caps sjsks . and i want you to know that i’m always here for you & you can always talk to me no matter what bc that’s what bsf are for lolz . idk how you managed to put up w me cause i’m pretty annoying shsj & it’s sad that we don’t talk that much anymore so be more active kiddo . we’ve been through so much together but at the end of the day we’re still best friends . idk what to talk ab cause i’m really bad at appreciation post sorryyy . also you’re really funny & you should go more live dhsjsj <— random [ comments ]