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  • Belated Lunar New Year wishes to you all! Got to XO restaurant in Narrabundah last night for the first time, and was lucky enough to get to have the Chinese New Year banquet. The food was spectacular. My favourite dishes were the Yee Sang and the Dau Fu Luang Ban. Perfect balance of flavours and textures, beautifully plated and with impeccable service. Probably wasn’t supposed to pilfer the lucky packet that came with the Yee Sang salad though... From this little Gweilo to each and every one of you - gong hei fat choy!!!

  • Replicate and disseminate. I slept in this morning, and then I hadn’t charged my car properly so I had to Uber to a friend’s place to get a lift to work. Tiny, insignificant issues that throw your entire morning into chaos and pandemonium! As a result I am dressed basically and not deserving of your attention. Instead enjoy this previously shared outfit from a snappy new angle!

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  • As above, so below. Opportunistic selfie this afternoon while waiting for Mags before the Openair Cinema. Getting inception vibes from this set up...

  • Possibly a little too early to be breaking out the heavier tweeds from my wardrobe, but normal fashion rules haven’t always stopped me in the past... Living for the cooler mornings and for the promise of actually feeling cold again. Dreaming of investing in a few new tweed pieces as well...

  • Hamstring game 1000% Now this is wild #wildwednesday Regrann from @joeyswoll - LEG DAY! #HUMPDAYMOTIVATION - #fitnessguys #mensfitness #menshealth #mensphysique #physique #fitnesslife #fit #muscle #thickguys #strength #gymlife #fitnesspost #physique freak #posing

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  • I absolutely adore this vintage Izod shirt that I picked up in Tokyo last year. I’m not really sure why, but it screams ‘Art Teacher’ to me. Genuine 1980s - possibly from the year I was born. It is a gorgeous oxford cloth cotton in white, white multi-coloured stripes in different widths. It’s like a technicolor barcode nightmare and I adore it! I got it at a huge discount too because a seam was broken and it had a stain. A little TLC and it’s as good as new!

  • A little excerpt from yesterday's upper body session. Still trying to perfect that snatch technique before I go chasing big weights. Practice makes perfect. Also sample of my physique, just to show #thickguys matter #fitness #training #strengthtraining #strongman #olympiclifting #weightlifting #cardio #builtfat #filtersmakemelookgood #carbs #powerlifting #bodybuilding #selfimprovement #grindingaway #roadto300pounds #justwannabebig