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  • Look at all these chickens #bodyposi

  • Good morning ladies! We are starting the day STRONG with our favorite equipment....BOOTYBANDS We love them because : 1. You can use them anywhere 2. They're so light, you barely know they're in your bag 3. They can be use for ANY workout or warmup We got this workout vid from @healthychick101 and it's perfect to get your day going You can do these exercises as a warmup or as a repeated circuit. Sidewalk Squats Standing Kickbacks Pulse Jumps Glutes Bridges Is your booty on yet? Let us know if you plan on incorporating this in your workout today : Pon Mi (Whine Up) - @digenius1 . . . . . #fitcurves #styleandcurve #curvyfitness #gettinginshape #novababe #styleandcurve mag #curvyisnotacrime #athomefitness #workoutfromhome #nogymrequired #workoutathome #bootymotivation #80dayobsession #myfitnessjourney #loveyourlines #minibands #fitnessvideos #gluteworkout #bootygains #buildabooty #wednesdayworkout #bodyposi #bootyday #earnyourbody #workoutideas #fitnessforall #thisisactiveliving #bootybands #resistancebandsworkout #nogymnoproblem

  • I haven’t seen Black Panther yet *gasp* BUT I WILL!! And when I do, I know I’ll have more yoga #wcw than #wonderwoman . 🧘‍️ #myfairyoga

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  • Just over a week away until we welcome GIRISH to the Sukha House! This very special visit contains 2 offerings: ✨Fri 3/2 Yin + Meditation led by Erinn, live music by Girish 8:00 - 9:15pm ✨Sat 3/3 Chant Workshop with Girish 2:30 - 4:30pm Be sure to reserve your spot ahead of time, this workshop will fill! We can't wait to sing our hearts out with you!

  • Live. Love. Curves. || #WellnessWednesday || In the journey of self, I have loved and I have lost. - I have felt unworthy, I have hated my body, I have been alone and I have been labeled. - I have surrendered. I have cried myself to sleep most nights. One thing is true thus far, good or bad days, I will always choose to come home to me. Myself. This body is my Home. ~ @franciscamwende - #beingfran #livelovecurves #plusfabulosity #prints #effyourbeautystandards #bodyposi - Dressed by @vivoactivewear Photography by @tatianakaranjaphotography Styling by @iamladymandy MUA @wacukathimbaartistry Location @palacinainteriors

  • MCFLURRIES 4 DAYZZZZ!!!! Had this bad boy last week and it was so good. Went to the St John's volunteers info night on Monday which was great! And then yesterday I received an email from the WCH about applications being open for the Starlight Express Room!!!! So I could possibly have two volunteer positions soon! Fingers crossed! 🤞 Had a tilt table test done today and it turns out I do actually have #POTS as I expected which sucks but I was semi-prepared for it. That's okay! Hope you are all well - #keeponbuzzing

  • Fat people are told we can't be sexy. We're told to shrink and hide ourselves. To make ourselves invisible. Fat people are told we can't possibly be healthy. We're given stereotypes of being lazy, smelly, and living off junk food. Fat people can't walk down a high street, walk into any shop and find clothes that fit. We have to go to specialist stores, plus size sections, or order online. Fat people are given dirty looks and eye rolls if we choose to occupy an empty seat next to someone. We're told angrily that we take up too much space. Fat people can't always do up the seat belts in cars and airplanes. And if we can, they're often tight, painful and uncomfortable. Fat people are told what we can and can't wear all the time. There are lists of rules that we're supposed to adhere to so that we look as small as possible and are only dressed in 'flattering' clothes. If fat people show any kind of skin, we get judged and told we're disgusting. Crop tops, mini skirts, short dresses, swimsuits, bikinis, etc are all deemed to be gross when worn by us. Fat people often have to spend twice as much on lingerie as thinner people. Lingerie to fit us is hard to find and usually costs a fortune. Fat people are overlooked by medics the majority of the time purely because of our size. We're instantly disregarded because we just need to 'lose weight' and that will apparently cure all our illnesses. There are hundreds of ways fat people are treated differently on a daily basis. So please don't tell me fat phobia doesn't exist. Just because you don't see it doesn't mean it's not happening.