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    Makes me sad I wasn't old enough to actually enjoy the golden era and collect shit 😪

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    Justin Perry

    You have more💪🏼💪🏼🔥🔥 @goldeneracollector

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    Tyler Davis

    I was amazed with that ad as a kids! The more you looked the more you found!

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    Felipe Ventura

    I wonder what happened to Victor! That switch fs tailslide on that hubba by the beach was dope!

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    Great ad

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    Javier Gamboa

    I had somanny shoes from your collection!! I wish this kinda shoes r back !! Today shoes r wack

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    Best shoe? DC Diablo. Rudy Johnson is the man!

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    @truth_seek_knowledge_89_ yessir

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    @vwguin yes. Yes I do

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    Bam Marinara

    I see you out here with that shortys @303boards deck🙏🏻

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    Norm Jr

    Malcolm, if you organized your shoes a bit you'd have so much more room for activities!

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    @n_o_r_m well it's all going to storage soon

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    I remember this add from Transworld

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    Terry Guider

    Hahah I remember seeing this same add in ccs and wanting my room to be like that too

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    Do a time lapse clean up like AVE in the transworld video 🔥😎

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    Absolute same here, dude. Awesome post.