YOUR HIP FLEXORS COULD BE WEAK, NOT TIGHT . Many times ☝️✌️ 🖐️people feel their hip flexors and it is causing them some discomfort so they start to stretch them trying to decrease the pain💥 in the hips. But it is easy to get confused on if it is tight or weak, they almost feel the same. I will be give showing you guys on how to test if you have tight hip flexors... so stay tuned. . When you feel this discomfort 🤪 sometimes it has to do with the lack of activation in the rectus femoris. The muscle is not contracting properly and is causing binding/pinching in the hip flexor when the hip is closing. This can cause inflammation in the hip flexor and be causing pain over time. . HOW TO FIX . We need to get the muscle activating again and having it properly contract when being in the bottom of the squat for instance. This is a beginner exercise on how to get this muscle activated and also help strengthen the muscles. . 1] Ly flat on your back (it doesn't have to be on a bench it can also be on the floor) 2] Place a band around your feet, I am using a @ band, I find it easier to use than a theraband or something like that 3] While keeping one leg straight dorsiflex the foot and drive your knee up towards your chest 4] Make sure the movement is under control and you are not moving too quickly through the movement 5} Repeat for 2-3 sets of 20 reps/side . STAY TUNED 📺 TO KNOW HOW TO TEST IF YOUR HIP FLEXORS ARE TIGHT OR WEAK

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