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    You wouldn't be able to post it here but I bet a panorama would work!

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    Huron Woodsman

    Place a familiar object next to it for perspective. Getting as low to the ground as possible is a good trick. Don’t center the tree in the photo. Put it off a little to one side or the other. These are some tricks I use.

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    Patrick Migliozzi

    @huronwoodsman Yeah I thought about doing that. I will have to give it a try next time

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    Sean Wineland

    Do you mostly go off bark this time of year or can you look at fallen leaves/twigs for buds?

  5. Patrick Migliozzi's profile photo
    Patrick Migliozzi

    @swineland bark typically. Especially higher up in the canopy. Chinquapin and white oak can look the same at eye level, but higher up especially under larger limbs, white oak tends to be very scaly.